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Plantar Fasciitis Identification with Shear Wave Elastography

Sarah Ridge, PhD; Wayne Johnson, PT, PhD; and Dustin Bruening, PhD

Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or know someone who does? Do you ever wonder what causes the pain?

Researchers are interested in understanding changes that occur in the plantar fascia after plantar fasciitis develops. Participants will participate in a research study by having their measurements taken of their feet using ultrasound and will perform simple foot and calf stretches. This study is designed to further the understanding of plantar fasciitis and increase effectiveness of rehabilitation.

Participants should be:
- symptomatic with clinically diagnosed plantar fasciitis
- healthy, with no history of plantar fasciitis
- 18 years or older
- free from any other lower extremity injury for the past 3 months
Pregnant women will be excluded from the study because hormones involved during pregnancy can affect tissues of the body (including the feet). Additionally, the study requires a prolonged period of time lying on the stomach.

All testing will be done in the BYU Ultrasonography Lab (292 SFH) and will be completed in 2 hours.

You will receive $30 cash for your participation in this study.
For more information please contact Dr. Sarah Ridge at
To participate in this study, click the link below.

If you are interested in the Plantar Fasciitis Pain Scale, click below