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EXSC 399R Course Info

Course Description

EXSC 399R is an academic internship. This is a capstone educational experience which provides exposure to the working world. The course is a required, integral part of the Exercise and Wellness degree and gives you the opportunity to apply the conceptual, theoretical training you have received in your major classes. Your internship provides you with an opportunity in a real-life environment like you will encounter when you graduate and seek employment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Gain experience and rigorous training in the exercise and wellness field.
  2. Provide professional development and contacts for future career opportunities.
  3. Apply the conceptual and theoretical training from courses to real life situations.
  4. Assess your learning progress during the internship through regular reflections.
  5. Identify communication hurdles and problem-solving strategies in a work environment.
  6. Develop transferable competencies and skills for career opportunities.
  7. Fulfill the Exercise and Wellness 399R requirement.
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    1. Major Responsibilities Assignment
    Meet with your site supervisor at the beginning of your internship to define 5 specific responsibilities that you will fulfill during your internship.
    · Submit a list of 5 specific responsibilities of your internship.
    · For each responsibility identify several learning outcomes.

    Your learning outcomes are the specific skills you will develop as you fulfill your responsibilities. They should include both Exercise/Wellness specific skills and NACE Professional competencies. Before completing these learning outcomes, please read the module entitled Skills and Competencies which explains the Exercise/Wellness skills and NACE Professional competencies.

    This assignment is a critical step in your internship and will provide the framework for the weekly reflection assignments and the final paper. While you will need your site supervisors input to define your responsibilities, the identification of learning outcomes is your responsibility. Please be as specific and thorough as possible.

    Due one week after starting your internship.
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    2. Weekly Reflection Assignment and Hourly Log
    Each week you will submit a reflection assignment and a log of the hours worked. Even if you did not work any hours that week, please submit a reflection assignment that states you didn't work any hours or you will receive a zero for that week.

    Include the following points in your reflection assignment:

    · At the top of the page, the number of hours worked that week and the number of hours accumulated to that point out of your total hours. (i.e. 5 hrs this week, 25/40 total)
    · A brief description of what you have done to fulfill your responsibilities.
    · A longer discussion of the progress that you have made toward your learning outcomes. What have you learned? How have you used exercise/wellness and professional skills?
    · Your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to specific skills.

    This is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of all your responsibilities and learning outcomes. Focus on one or more areas as they are relevant to what you learned that week.

    Each reflection should be single-spaced with 1” margins. Minimum length should be one half page.

    Due each Saturday by 11:59 PM.

    No weekly reflection assignments will be required:

    · The first week of your internship - Responsibilities and Learning Outcomes is due.
    · Midcourse - Midterm evaluation reflection is due.
    · The last week of your internship - Work on your final paper.
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    3. Midterm Evaluation
    Once you have completed half of your total internship hours you will need to submit a midterm evaluation. You don’t need to do a weekly reflection assignment for the week that you submit the midterm evaluation. It will take the place of that weekly reflection assignment. You will need to meet with your site supervisor for feedback on your job performance. Ask your site supervisor in person or by email the following questions:

    1. What am I doing well?
    2. How can I improve?
    3. Is there more that I could be doing?

    Using your supervisor’s feedback and a self-evaluation, write a one page, single-spaced evaluation of your job performance. Include a discussion of your overall progress toward your learning outcomes and the specific skills you have learned. Conclude with a discussion of what you hope to achieve by the end of your internship. This assignment is different from your weekly reflection assignments in that your narrative should be based on the feedback your supervisor has given you and how that feedback relates to you accomplishing your learning outcomes. Please include the total number of hours worked thus far at the top of your assignment. Due one week after completing half of your internship hours.
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    4. Final Paper
    2 pages, single-spaced, 1" margins

    Your final paper should be a comprehensive summary and discussion of your entire internship experience. Please include the following sections with appropriate headings.

    Responsibilities and Learning Outcomes

    · Discuss each of your major responsibilities and the specific ways you fulfilled them.
    · Provide an estimate of the number of hours spent on each responsibility.
    · Discuss the learning outcomes. Did you achieve them? Why or why not? What did you learn?
    · What additional skills did you learn that were not part of your original learning outcomes?

    Job Performance Evaluation – Exit Interview

    As you complete your internship schedule a time to have an exit interview with your site supervisor. This interview is your responsibility. Plan ahead to ask a variety of questions about your performance as an intern. Ask specific questions related to how you fulfilled your 5 major responsibilities and in what ways you could improve. Ask specific questions related to the skills and competencies you hoped to develop. Ask for specific, constructive and honest feedback.

    Write a discussion of your exit interview and evaluate your job performance.

    Career Preparation

    · Describe how the internship has prepared you for future employment in exercise and wellness?
    · Create a list of specific skills from your internship that you could use on a resume. Write it in such a way that you could copy and paste it directly to your resume.

    Thank You Letter

    · Provide a copy of the thank you letter that you wrote to your site supervisor.

    Attach it as an appendix. Does not count towards the 4 page total.
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    5. Internship Evaluation
    In order to help future students, please complete the agency evaluation at the end of your internship.
Internship Coordinator
Mandy Christensen, PhD, Exercise Science
Office: 228C SFH
Phone: 801-422-0588
Cell: 801-592-3611