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Getting Started

Exercise and Wellness Major Requires 4.0 credits
1.0 credit = 42 hours
4.0 credits = 168 hours

Internship Process

  1. Find an internship.
  2. Make sure there is an Internship Master Agreement (IMA) on file.
    • If there is no existing IMA for your internship location, have your supervisor fill out this form and send it to
  3. Complete the Internship Application (IRAMS).***Please Note: You must have your IRAMS application approved BEFORE you may begin counting internship hours. BYU does not grant retroactive credit.
    • Exercise Sciences: EXSC 399R, section 001
    • Huntsman World Senior Games: EXSC 399R, section 002
    • 42 hours = 1.0 credit
  4. Once you have been approved, add EXSC 399R on MyMap.
    • Login to the Learning Suite course.
    • Begin your internship and the EXSC 399R course.

    ★Check out what you can do with a degree in Exercise and Wellness!

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    Working Well With Your Site Supervisor

    Internship Coordinator

    Mandy Christensen, PhD, Exercise Science
    Office: 228C SFH
    Phone: 801-422-0588