Mission Statement

The Department of Exercise Sciences

values the human being as sacred and seeks to strengthen both body and spirit by attaining, advancing, and disseminating knowledge in the disciplines of human exercise and performance, injury and rehabilitation, and wellness while inviting divine inspiration to guide our efforts.
The Department of Exercise Sciences offers three BS degrees, an MS degree with four program specializations, and a PhD degree with three program emphases. The Department Mission and Objectives guide the program areas at each level. Each program also has a set of goals that pilot individual programs.
• A deep appreciation for and love of God;
• An understanding of the sacredness and miraculousness of the human body;
• Skills, knowledge, and ambition to be leaders, innovators, and caretakers in their chosen professions;
• Healthful lifestyle habits;
• Motivation to continue learning and expanding their understanding of their own fields of study as well as the world around them.
• Support the mission and aims of the University
• Nurture faith in God and the practice of Christian principles
• Prepare leaders to serve in ways that foster dignity and respect for the body, mind, and spirit
• Provide experiences that stimulate the acquisition and enjoyment of activities that promote health and happiness
• Encourage lifelong learning and advance the body of knowledge unique to the disciplines of the Department