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Exercise and Wellness Description

Your exercise and wellness internship is the capstone experience for your university degree in Exercise and Wellness or Exercise Science. The purpose of your internship is to apply the knowledge gained from your coursework to the learning of professional skills in a real-world work experience.

The following areas of knowledge and skills are the stated program outcomes for your degree in Exercise and Wellness. Therefore, your choice of internship must be directly related to the application and learning of skills in one or more of these 6 areas.

Core Competencies - Knowledge

  1. Stress Management
  2. Chronic Disease Prevention
  3. Anatomy
  4. Exercise Physiology
  5. Healthy Diet
  6. Weight Management

Listed below are examples of some Exercise and Wellness skills. The specific skills that you will use in your internship may include but are not limited to this list. You will need to identify the skills you will be using, specific to your responsibilities. Your Exercise and Wellness skills should be related to the six core areas of knowledge.

Common Exercise and Wellness Skills

  1. Appraise health and fitness
    1. Conduct fitness assessments
    2. Write exercise prescriptions for healthy and special populations
    3. Evaluate health behaviors/health outcomes
    4. Evaluate risk factors for disease and physical dysfunction
  2. Design, implement or manage worksite wellness programs
  3. Coach
    1. Strength and conditioning
    2. Player development
  4. Teach
    1. Exercise and Wellness seminars
    2. Exercise classes
  5. Research
Internship Coordinator
Mandy Christensen, PhD, Exercise Science
Office: 228C SFH
Phone: 801-422-0588
Cell: 801-592-3611