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Larry Tucker
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Dr. Tucker is the Director of Y Be Fit. After receiving his PhD from Southern Illinois University, he took his first university position at New Mexico State University in 1981. Later, he accepted a position at Auburn University where he taught for five years before coming to BYU in 1988. Dr. Tucker has many years of experience in the health field with his specialty being lifestyle-medicine and health promotion.
Kayla - Co-Director
Kayla was raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She is currently working on her master’s degree in Exercise Science: Health Promotion. Her goal is to start her own coaching business. Playing pickleball, soccer, and spikeball are a few of her favorite free-time activities. Additional hobbies include baking, watching documentaries, creating bomb music playlists, and debunking common health misconceptions. She lives for client a-ha moments and nothing makes her happier than helping and witnessing others progress towards their wellness goals
Bethany - Health Coach
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Bethany is a senior in the Dietetics program and grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bethany is happiest when she is baking, reading, hiking, or watching Survivor with her husband. She loves HIGH fitness, pilates, and weight lifting. She believes that everyone can benefit from learning more about nutrition and loves to teach how to purchase healthy foods on a budget! After graduating and becoming a Registered Dietitian, Bethany hopes to continue to help clients find the balance between meeting health goals while also learning to love the body they are in!

Emmilee - Health Coach
Emmilee grew up on a farm in a small town in Wyoming where she developed a passion for nature and health. She is a junior at BYU in the dietetics program and loved serving a mission in Quezon City, Philippines. Emmilee enjoys baking, exercising, listening to music, dancing, swimming, and spending time outside. She wants to pursue a career as a dietitian/health coach to help people make and reach health goals that will improve their quality of life. She believes that life is much happier when it’s healthier, and that anyone can change the world.
Jyles - Health Coach
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Jyles was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He grew up playing many sports, but enjoys basketball, football, and rugby the most. He served a mission in the islands of Fiji and although he speaks three languages (English, Fijian, and Hindi), he does not know his mother tongue, Tagalog. As a Senior studying Exercise and Wellness, Jyles is passionate about health and fitness, and seeks to help those around him to be educated about their many benefits. He plans to pursue Physician's Assistant school and wants to specialize in family medicine or dermatology

Heidi - Health Coach
Heidi loves any and all things healthy and outdoorsy. She grew up in San Fransisco, California and is studying Public Health with a minor in nutrition. She's an avid runner and loves to road bike, discover or craft new healthy recipes, and is a fan of anything with cinnamon. After BYU, she'd like to pursue Physician’s Assistant school with a focus in preventative and lifestyle medicine. She looks forward to help others in pursuing their fitness goals and finding satisfaction in healthy living!
Kaeli - Health Coach
When Kaeli was 8, she begged her brother to allow her to walk or even crawl instead of going on a run. Kaeli also quit dance and gymnastics since they were “too hard”. She has since run four half-marathons and danced in hundreds of performances. Kaeli believes you can improve physically and mentally and is excited to work along with you. She is a senior from Seattle WA, currently earning her personal training certification, and loves Star Wars.

Larissa - Health Coach
Larissa grew up running the trails of Cedar City, Utah. She believes in being active! She adores cooking and eating food (a lot of it), playing animal crossing, and basking in the sunshine. Exploring the food and hiking world in Provo is her favorite pastime. Her dream is to create a business that helps elders stay fit. She loves working with anyone and everyone and nothing brings her more joy than helping others reach goals! She is a Junior in the exercise and wellness program with a minor in nutrition and gerontology. Her motto: “Balance is key!”
Lilly - Health Coach
Lilly was born and raised in Herriman, Utah. She is currently studying Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition and plans to attend Physical Therapy school after graduating. Some things that make Lilly happy include spending time with family, giggling, reading Harry Potter, and learning more about the human body. She has been doing ballet since childhood and has loved the opportunity to continue taking ballet classes here at BYU. Exercise should be fun right? She is passionate about living and healthy lifestyle and hopes to help others obtain the same passion!

Roya- Health Coach
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Roya is from Montana where she grew up camping, reading books, and running cross country. Fruits and salads are her favorite foods, but she also enjoys the occasional French fry. Roya served a mission in Croatia and loved the beautiful castles and meeting new people. Upon returning home, she met her husband at BYU, and together they enjoy rock climbing, running, eating delicious food, and many hours of studying. Roya is studying Dietetics and values the importance of intuitive eating and developing healthy lifestyles that will last throughout life. She is excited to help others find joy in fitness and health. .

Sam - Health Coach
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Sam grew up in Denver, Colorado and served a mission in both Brazil and Seattle. He is an Exercise Science student pursuing a career as a sports medicine physician. Sam is fascinated with the workings of the human body and loves researching the latest developments in fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help people take control of their physical and mental health. He encourages all to find joy in the journey of healthy living. In his spare time, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, training for triathlon events, mountain biking, camping, listening to Led Zeppelin, and watching Marvel movies.
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