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Most personal trainers and dietitians charge over $30 per visit. However, BYU offers to the complete Y Be Fit program to Students, Full-Time Faculty/Staff, and Community Members at a fraction of the cost. To schedule your first appointment, call 801-422-4494.

Full-Time Students

Undergraduate and graduate students (including spouses) enrolled full-time at BYU for $75 a person.

Full-Time Faculty/Staff

BYU full-time faculty and staff (including spouses) who have DMBA Insurance as their primary insurance for a co-pay of $25. (DMBA plans approved for discounted price: Value, Select, and Premier)

Community Members

Community members, students of other universities, faculty/staff not covered by DMBA insurance, etc. can participate for $125 a person.

*18 and older only*

Clients must complete the payment before their second appointment (bod pod and fitness testing appointment). The link to complete the payment can be found in your confirmation email or can be accessed here.

The Y Be Fit Program consists of three initial appointments (introduction, assessments, results) and ten follow-up appointments including a final assessment. The full program is described in detail below, but in summary, the program includes the following:

  • 2 Bod Pod assessments ($50 value)
  • Blood Lipid Profile ($40 value)
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • 2 Submaximal Treadmill Tests ($30 value)
  • Strength, Back Health, Flexibility Tests
  • Health Risk Appraisal
  • 10 Follow-up Appointments

Attendance Policy: Y Be Fit requires participants to give 24 hour notice prior to the schedule appointment for cancellation. If the participant does not comply with this policy, the appointment will be forfeited. Three missed appointments will result in program termination. The total program is intended to be completed in less than 4 months. Participants may extend this period only in the case of extended travel. One to two telephone follow-up visits are permitted when scheduled in advance. Participants are responsible for the scheduling of regular appointments.

First Appointment

The first appointment is a 20-30 minute appointment where a Y Be Fit health coach will meet with you to discuss the program and complete the necessary paperwork to begin the program. They will also prepare you for the assessments that will take place before and during the second appointment by informing you what to expect and how to prepare. The assessments completed after the first appointment and before the third appointment include the blood lipid test, nutrition analysis, and health risk appraisal.

Second Appointment

About a week after your first appointment, you will come in to complete several assessments. Before the appointment can take place, you should have completed the following:

  • Food Intake Diary (Nutrition Analysis)
  • Blood lipid test (performed at the BYU Student Health Center)
  • Health Risk Appraisal Questionnaire
  • 3 hour fast from food and exercise immediately before the appointment (water is OK)
  • Online payment—must be completed prior to the appointment and is only accepted online

During your testing appointment, a Y Be Fit health coach will perform the following assessments:

  • Body Composition (Bod Pod) which measures body fat and lean tissue percentage.
  • Hip and Waist measurements
  • Blood Pressure
  • Submaximal Treadmill Test which measures cardio-respiratory fitness (VO2 Max)
  • Muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and back health tests

After completing the assessments, the health coach will schedule you for your remaining appointments. You and your health coach will review your testing results during your subsequent appointment. This appointment usually lasts an hour.

Third Appointment

About a week after the assessment appointment, a health coach will meet with you to discuss the results of your assessments. The results are available on your Y Be Fit portal page. The health coach will help you interpret the results thoroughly and work with you on establishing goals for the duration of the program. The results discussed include:

  • Blood lipid test results
  • Health Risk Appraisal Questionnaire
  • Sub-maximal treadmill test, strength test, and flexibility test results
  • Food prodigy report breakdown

This appointment lasts 60 minutes and you need no special preparation beforehand.

Follow-up Appointments

The follow-up appointments begin after the results appointment and typically occur every week. This is helpful for those who want counseling and accountability in accomplishing their health and fitness goals. Depending on your desired outcomes, you can use the follow-up visits for learning more about specific health topics and/or setting and following-up on goals. To get the most out of your visits, come prepared to ask questions and discuss your goals. A few common health topics discussed during follow-ups include:

  • Cardio exercise
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Weight management
  • Basic nutrition
  • Food labels and serving sizes
  • Tips on cooking light
  • Volumetrics
  • Intuitive eating
  • Chronic diseases
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Specialized training (marathon, triathlon, etc.)

Each follow-up visit lasts 30 minutes.

Final Testing Appointment

Your final assessment usually takes place on your second to last appointment. It is nearly the same as the second (assessment) appointment. However, if you would like an additional blood lipid test or nutritional analysis, there is an additional cost. The final assessment allows you to see the progress you have made throughout the course of the Y Be Fit program. Refer to the information above in the "testing appointment" section to see what you need to prepare for the final assessment.