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Strong Youth Project Interviews

On this page, we will post our most recent interviews with members of our advisory board and other youth sports professionals. We hope you will watch these interviews and take the specific applications to your athletes!

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Jake Sorensen & Youth Resistance Training


Strong Youth Project Intro with Dr. Matthew Seeley

October, 2023
Learn more about the beginnings of the Strong Youth Project and our plans to help youth athletes, parents, and coaches in this interview with the SYP co-founder, Dr. Matt Seeley

Sleep Interview with Dr. Kara Duraccio

October, 2023
Sleep expert Kara Duraccio gives advice to parents and young athletes on healthy sleeping habits and how they affect athletic performance.

Dr. David Bell and Early Sport Specialization

January, 2024
David Bell specializes in early sport specialization and its effect on youth athletes. Listen to his full interview on our Youtube page where he breaks down the research behind early sport specialization.

Dr. Anthony Beutler M.D. and Youth Sport Injury

March, 2024
Dr. Beutler is an acclaimed international educator and researcher in sports medicine and musculoskeletal injury prevention. Nearly 3.5 million injuries occur annually to youth athletes under the age of 14. Listen in to hear Dr. Beutler's advice on how to avoid these injuries for your athletes!

Youth Sports Nutrition and Dr. Chad Hancock

March, 2024
Since 2008, Dr. Hancock has taught courses on general nutrition and sports nutrition in the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science Department at BYU. Watch this interview as he discusses nutrition, why it is important, and how good and bad nutrition can affect young athletes.

Mental Health with Dr. Michael Larson

March, 2024
Mental health is an essential topic to discuss with youth athletes. Dr. Michael Larson shares his most important tips and advice on how to help athletes overcome performance anxiety and nerves before games.
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