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The Strong Youth Project

Youth sports are crucial to the development of young athletes, so we want to ensure you have the best science-based information for your young athlete!

Why create the Strong Youth Project?

Positive experiences in youth sports improve the overall health of young people by decreasing the likelihood of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and other common challenges our youth now face. We want to provide you with accurate science-backed information so that you can help your young athlete stay involved in sport for as long as possible!

Dr. Matt Seeley gained inspiration for the Strong Youth Project while watching all of his five children participate in youth sports. As a coach, parent, and scientist of Exercise Sciences, Dr. Seeley has a unique perspective on youth sports. He is a strong advocate for the many positive effects of youth sports on young children’s lives and hopes that the Strong Youth Project will help more children reap the lifelong benefits youth sports have to offer. In addition to benefits, he also saw firsthand a few of the problems with youth sports, including rising costs, overuse injuries, early sport specialization, and misinformation from well-intentioned coaches and parents. In an attempt to fix these problems and create a better experience for youth athletes, he created the Strong Youth Project, which aims to deliver scientific-based information to parents and coaches for the overall benefit of the youth athletes.

SYP Mission and Aims

Our Mission is to improve organized sport experiences for youth, parents, and coaches, via education and implementation of evidence-based practice. These three aims below help us stay on track to achieving our mission and creating the best experience for young athletes, their parents, and coaches.

Aim 1

Communicate scientific evidence to youth sports stakeholders, including youth athletes, concerning factors affecting the quality of youth sport experiences.

Aim 2

Conduct scientific research regarding issues influencing youth sport experiences.

Aim 3

Design and deliver evidence-based training programs to youth athletes.

How can the Strong Youth Project help you?

We are committed to helping you find answers by providing you with the latest research. Check out our Social Media pages, or you can learn more here on our website in the Learn and Teach section!


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Nutrition for Youth Athletes

“Inadequate energy intake relative to energy expenditure compromises performance and negates the benefits of training.”1

Hydration Tips: Before, During, and After Exercise

Hydration can affect every part of your athlete's performance and overall well-being. Athletes should drink 2 to 3 cups of water within 2 hours before exercise. Athletes should replace every pound lost in weight with 2-3 cups of water within 2 hours after exercise.

SYP Guarantee
Everything published by the Strong Youth Project has been found from reliable scientific sources published by scientists. In addition, our amazing team of scientists reviews this information to give you the most accurate information. Read about some of our amazing team members here!